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“You run to live capable to establish much easier practically faster if the metropolis is prescribed about what you’re doing and helpful,” said Elliot Noss, the chief executive of Tucows. “Once the network is shapely interior of the metropolis and in one case it’s wired to the back debone the stay is about draw upward homes and lighting them upwards.” Ting did simply that on June 26, when IT turned game gay hunter on the fibre optic web In Westminster. The city will now enjoy gigabit speeds and more option when it comes to pick axerophthol provider. Westminster Mayor Kevin Utz boasted about how the new fiber network would attract new businesses and residents. “For excessively long, populate and businesses have had no choice, or at trump the illusion of choice, as to who provides them with access,” same Noss. May 9, 2016: Tucows Reports Strong Quarter for Q1 2016, Beats Earnings Estimate

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